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Encouraging Creativity & Collaboration To Ensure Students’ Long-Term Success At The Millennium School, GNW.

by admin January 4, 23

When we imagine a future for our children, we wish for a world without struggles, where lives are more connected and resources and opportunities are easily available. Regardless, persistent issues like global climate change, limited job opportunities due to automation, deficient resources, economic downturns, etc. continue to pose a threat to their survival. The biggest challenge is that today’s solutions may not apply to an unimaginable future. Young minds need to consistently change, adapt, evolve, and innovate to find sustainable solutions. 

The Millennium School one of the top schools in Greater Noida West, an ardent believer in “futuristic learning,” has adopted the 4Cs of the future—”Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration &Communication” as a part of the Millennium Learning System to develop knowledge, skills, and lifelong learning abilities through social awareness and real-world application. The school takes several initiatives to develop the aforementioned skills inside and beyond the classrooms. 

Kalaangan: An Initiative At Developing Creativity, Collaboration& Consciousness Towards UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Therefore, the month of November was dedicated to care, collaboration, and creativity on The Millennium School’s campus in Greater Noida West. Kalaangan 2022, an annual inter-school event organised by the school, gave imaginative young minds the opportunity to explore different visual art forms. It was a collaborative effort by the schools of Greater Noida West that joined hands for raising awareness on persistent global issues highlighted in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while offering students a platform to showcase their design thinking, creative expression, imagination, artistic, and leadership skills

The exhibition commenced with The Millennium School’s students welcoming their contemporaries from the other schools to their campus and registering the teams for the event. The programme started with the lighting of the lamp, a symbol of hope, knowledge, and learning, in the presence of the chief guest, Prof. Bindulika Sharma (Associate Professor, Jamia Millia University), Dr. Himani Tyagi (Principal, The Millennium School, GNW), and Ms. Madhu Tandon (Director, The Millennium School, GNW). Students of The Millennium School presented a colourful and vibrant cultural programme opening with the Saraswati Vandana and a happiness song. A fusion dance was presented by little twinkle toes. 

According to the principal, Dr. Tyagi, “Kalaangan 2022 was conceptualised to promote the passion and interest of young artists in various visual art forms. For students, who spent a greater part of their time indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this immersive event served as a venue to bond with peers, explore their creative streak, convey their problem-solving ideas through valuable art, and create meaningful experiences. This year, students collectively brainstormed on the UN SDGs and used their skills to draw attention towards the global issues at hand, mainly climate change, water conservation, gender equality, and the need for quality education, etc.” 

Students from grades nursery to X participated in a diverse range of activities (colouring, diya decoration, poster making, clay modelling, Warli art, Aipan art, mix media, graffiti, murals, and eco-friendly rangoli making). All the activities were aligned with the UN SDGs, like Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Quality Education, Climate Action, Clean Water & Sanitation, and Marine Life Preservation. Their artwork reflected distinct themes, such as “water world,” “our earth,” “green forest,” “village scene,” “waste to wealth,” “save water,” “futuristic education,” “Indian festivals,” “my dream school,” “reducing food wastage,” and “women empowerment.” Participants actively collaborated to come up with illustrations to best represent their solutions for these problems. They took turns explaining their ideas to Prof. Sharma during the gallery walk. Students in the higher grades displayed remarkable leadership and organisation skills while organising the event and conducting live interviews with the guests.

All the artworks were displayed in the gallery of The Millennium School, Greater Noida West. All the artists were felicitated for their innovative thinking, creative ideas, excellence, group work, and the best alignment of ideas with the SDGs towards the end of the event. Rather than rewarding efforts, the goal was to recognise and celebrate them. 

A Workshop For Educators On Integrating Visual Arts & Folk Motifs In Education To Ensure Students’ Understanding Of Concepts 

At The Millennium School, Greater Noida West, we believe that educators play a game-changing role in facilitating students’ learning abilities. Having a futuristic vision and growth mindset for teaching are the keys to raising students as independent thinkers, problem solvers, and thought leaders of the future. Therefore, the management ensures facilitators’ development through constant support, all-year-round training sessions, expert-led workshops, classroom observations, and constructive feedback for improvisations.

Considering this, a workshop on “Integration of Visual Arts and Folk Motifs in Education” was conducted by Ms. Surangini Sharma (Assistant Professor, IVS Design School, Noida) for educators to explore new ways and pedagogies to integrate performing arts with languages, science, mathematics, and social sciences, etc. The workshop aimed at engaging students, personalising education based on specific skills & interests, and ensuring that students live their lessons every day. Educators and school leaders proactively came up with different ways to use folk arts for engaging students in academic subjects and deepening their learning.  

Despite global digitisation, creativity and collaboration will continue to be the most sought-after skills in the future because machines cannot think, brainstorm, visualise, or work together in the same way that humans can. As we stand at the horizon of a world that is rebuilding, reskilling, and realigning itself to meet changing economic, societal, and environmental needs, what and how we are teaching at schools need to changeto inculcate future readiness

Initiatives like Kalaangan 2022 and creativity workshops for educators are some steps that we, as an educational institution, have taken towards ensuring that young minds are stimulated during their formative years.  

The Millennium School, one of the best schools in Greater Noida West will continue to take such initiatives to create relevant skill-building opportunities for students to brainstorm, ideate, innovate, and lead the world towards a glorious future

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