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by admin January 11, 22

In today’s world, music can bind people together. In a country as rich in culture as ours, studying music and culture can help us build an identity of our own. They can serve as a perfect tool to merge Indian culture with modern education. At The Millennium School Academy of Music and Culture, we believe that education and learning can take place beyond the classes as well. Below are a few of our core beliefs:

  • Musical training helps the students to improve their reasoning: As several experts say, children who receive early training in music and cultural dances develop the areas of the brain related to logic, reasoning, and language. The left part of the brain develops faster and allows the mind to store knowledge easily. It is one of the core benefits of learning music from experts.

  • Improving their memorization skills: Students need to memorize several things whenever they are performing on a musical instrument. They will have to remember the lyrics and the musical notes. Thus, the skill of memorization improves beyond classes as well.

  • Improving creativity: Performing on musical instruments or classical dances like Kathak requires the students to be more creative and attentive. Thus, the students tend to become more innovative in their approach and are able to produce better results. Additionally, as the students are performing, they will always work hard to improve their performance. Hence, learning music teaches the students to create good work.

  • Improved coordination: It is no hidden fact that classical requires complete coordination of the mind and body. Similar to playing sports, learning music and classical dances provide an opportunity for the students to work on and improve their hand-eye coordination.

  • Keeps the students engaged in their school activities: Performing well in extracurricular activities results in a sense of achievement among the students. It can instil self-confidence and be integral in the growth of the child during his youth.

  • Provides a sense of achievement:  As the students will get a chance to be involved in something more than their regular educational activities, they will be more excited to attend school. Additionally, they might end up concentrating more during regular classes as well.
  • It can teach the students a valuable lesson- discipline: To become a master in any musical instrument or dance form, discipline is an integral factor. If students are determined to be an expert in any of the extracurricular activities, they will learn how to be disciplined to achieve their goals.

  • It relaxes the mind: After a tedious day of studying multiple subjects, practising a musical instrument or dancing could prove to be a welcome break from the mundane life. Soothing music can allow your children to fight stress and relax.

What are the facilities we provide?

We believe that our students should not have any dearth of options when they have to choose an extra-curricular activity. Thus, we provide a variety of options in the music and cultural domain. Below are a few of them-

  • Sitar
  • Violin
  • Harmonium
  • Keyboard
  • Tabla
  • Kathak
  • Odissi
  • Flute playing
  • Bharatnatyam

We believe that for the 360-degree development of a child, exposing them to multiple activities is a must. The student must possess multiple skills to succeed in the competitive world.

Why choose The Millennium School

At The Millennium School, your kid will get the best environment of learning with musical and cultural activities. We promote extracurricular activities with classroom learning. We believe that a child can learn more from the surroundings than rote-learning from books. Thus, the children end up becoming a better version of themselves. Below are the reasons why you should prefer us over other institutes:

  • Top ranking:

The Millennium School has ranked in the top 10 school chains for the year. The curriculum at The Millennium School ensures the multidimensional development of the child.

  • Best faculty

We have the best teachers for your kids. All our faculty members are well educated and trained in their subjects; we also have smart classrooms and computer labs.

  • Promote the talent of your child

We believe that teaching art to the kids makes them confident. With music, children get a creative outlet doubling as a safe space that, in the long run, can help them cope with stressful situations. We have planned a playground to promote sports among children. We provide the best teachers for dance forms, music, robotics, and musical instruments.


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