Academy of Sports – Where You Practice with Purpose and Play with Passion

by admin January 11, 22

school that promotes co-curricular activities as much as academics strives to develop your child to a large extent. Sports and physical activities are not limited to keeping your child fit. Sports teach children patience, teamwork, and sportsmanship. 

Sports are essential for instilling good values in the young learner. They even help widen the career and hobby choices. We at The Millennium School encourage co-curricular activities to bring about an overall development in our students.  Do take a look at our beliefs and what we have to offer. 

The principle of sports at The Millennium School

Many schools have a game or physical exercise period in their timetables. But this period is usually treated as a free-play period, wherein students do not learn about a new sport or game. Such ignorance should not be the case. It should be the institutional responsibility to ensure the growth of the student in all fields. 

Like the academic portion, we at The Millennium School follow a strict curriculum for the sports period. Students learn about the assigned sport or game through theoretical and practical knowledge during the sports classes. The involvement of this subject in our school curriculum ensures full participation from our students and teachers. 

The excitement to play and be a part of the games is not merely limited to older students. Our little learners from the pre-primary section also get to experience this fun at their own time. Their involvement in these activities helps them develop their motor skills. It also helps them get a grasp on their movements. Additionally, these young learners understand more about their favorite sports at a much younger age. 

Sports and games offered at The Millennium School

Choosing and exploring a diverse range of sports is always exciting. At The Millennium School, we promote indoor games as well as outdoor sports. 

Outdoor sports

At the millennium school, your child gets to learn about: 

  • Cricket: Our girls and boys get a chance to learn the fundamentals of the sport. 
  • Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer: Ball games like these teach students what a team means and how one respects an opponent. At the same time, they learn the nitty-gritty of these games.  
  • Squash, Badminton, and Table Tennis: Your child understands their core physical strength, and the games also help them develop their coordination skills. 
  • Swimming: Isn’t it amazing that your child can learn a life-saving skill in school. Your child can learn swimming at our campus and gain important body coordination skills.

Indoor games:


We teach:

  • Yoga: Yoga is practiced regularly in our school to help students develop their patience and calm. We believe in meditating every day before the lectures of the day commence to ensure the relaxed state of the learner. 
  • Aerobics: We ensure stretching and strengthening go together, and the student is aware of their body’s physical fitness. 
  • Taekwondo: Self-defence as a skill is essential, and everyone must understand its basics. With the right teachers, we ensure your children know how to defend themselves. 
  • Martial Arts: With our team of skilled teachers, our students can learn profound skills and martial arts techniques. 
  • Boxing: Boxing is about using the correct technique to win over your opponent. Our safety props and constant surveillance makes sure students learn this sport without worrying about broken teeth. 
  • Chess: A student who understands patience and has deduction skills goes a long way, and we teach your child how to achieve that skill. 
  • Carrom: No other indoor game can be as competitive and fun as carrom; your child’s motor skills are also developed through games. 
  • Skating: Of course, your children will be excited to go to a school where they can discover their playground on wheels. Allow our experienced teachers to help your children learn more about balance, speed, and stability in our skating rink. 

The students get to compete against each other in these games during the games period. If they excel at these sports, they can even represent their schoolhouse through inter-house competitions and earn points for themselves and their team. 
This school year, opt for your child’s development in academics and co-curricular activities. Allow them to explore the theory and concepts of the sports realm with their fellow students. This year, choose The Millennium School and watch your child grow.


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