The English Language Enhancement Program @ The Millennium School, Gr Noida

by admin December 7, 21

The English Language Enhancement Program at The Millennium School, Greater Noida (W) has been introduced with the objective of strengthening children’s language and communication skills and bolster their confidence when using the English language.

At The Millennium School, Gr. Noida, the teachers know how to facilitate learning and enable the students to learn successfully. They understand the needs of the students and the challenges they face as far as the learning of the English language is concerned. The English Language Enhancement Program aims at enabling children to become independent learners who will continue to develop English language competency by building on their learning in the classroom.

The English Language Enhancement Program is offered to the students of classes I-V with the goal to leverage their general language competency. The classes for the same are held twice a week after regular school. The activity based curriculum for the language classes is aimed at constantly engaging children and making them actively participate in the learning experience. Teachers painstakingly plan fun and recreational activities like word games, role play, riddles, show and tell, storytelling, picture description and composition with a keen eye on the learning outcomes to help develop language learning and also inculcate a love of the language. These classes also highlight the importance of pronunciation accuracy and lays great stress on the ability to read, write, speak and comprehend the English language. These classes also equip the students to exchange ideas and opinions, express emotions and present information. The language classes are also highly instrumental in increasing and enhancing the vocabulary of the learners as they are taught to maximize the use of words and weave them into stories, songs, poems, riddles etc.

The English Language Enhancement Program at TMS, Gr. Noida, West is fast gaining momentum as it provides a fun learning environment to the students to unleash their creativity and broaden their linguistic skills.


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